About Us

Welcome to BabyKeen! I'm Dr. Anthea Lily, pediatrician and founder of BabyKeen.Org - a website dedicated to providing in-depth reviews of baby products.

In addition to the above titles, I am also a mother. I am also 9 months pregnant, having gone through the process of taking care of children, so I understand parents' difficulties in finding the best products for their children.

Fortunately, I have many years of experience working in the field of pediatrics. Thanks to that, I know how to solve many problems related to infant health and the process of raising children.

I want to share the above knowledge with you. With a scientific approach and practical experience, I can confidently provide the most in-depth reviews and most useful advice you will need.

How We Work

To become a reliable source of information as it is now, BabyKeen has undergone a long process of construction and development. We have built an efficient and scientific methodology, ensuring the best article quality.

First, we will build a list of products to evaluate and compare. My partner and I will select the top products in each category.

BabyKeen tries to buy and evaluate every product directly to ensure all reviews are based on real experience. In particular, we have built a set of scientific evaluation criteria to provide the most objectivity and accuracy.

The review editors and I also appreciate experiencing the product in a variety of conditions, from the lab to the real world.

Once we've got the most honest impressions of performance and reliability, my team and I will begin to rate the product and explain the relevant features and features in the easiest way to understand.

Even if you do not have too much experience in the field, the information on BabyKeen is still completely understandable and helpful for you.

Why Can You Trust Us?

BabyKeen.Org is a site that provides detailed, unbiased reviews of all children's products.

You can completely trust all the information we provide because behind ABV is a team of editors with rich experience in newborns. Not only that, many editors have had practical experience in raising and taking care of children.

As you have seen, the BabyKeen editorial team has developed a scientific review and workflow. So, we can offer today's most thoughtful recommendations appropriate for children and meet feature or budget requirements.

Although we are confident in our operation process and experienced staff, however, in some cases, our sharing may not be optimal. Therefore, we always look forward to hearing your shares and comments.

Welcome to BabyKeen, where you and I find the right products for your baby, along with millions of other parents.

Anthea Lily,

MD Founder & General Manager